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Concealed Carry Class Wildwood Lodge-Pewaukee Pat Maloney
Concealed Carry Class Wildwood Lodge-Pewaukee Pat Maloney

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  • Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class ($89)
  • Wisconsin plus Minnesota and Florida Non-Resident Permit Class ($139)
  • Minnesota and Florida Non-Resident Permit Class ($89)
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Class & Permit Information

  1. A Wisconsin permit allows you to carry in 33 states. Adding Minnesota gives you 34 states. Adding Florida gives you 38 states. All class options include a required 3 hour base class. Choose the option which best fits your needs. Option 1: Permit to Carry class - Wisconsin only ($89) This option will give you a WI Proof of Training Certificate. Use this certificate to apply for a WI permit. WI does not require a shooting qualification for its permit. Once the classroom session is complete you may leave. Option 2: Wisconsin class plus Minnesota and Florida non-resident permits ($139) This option adds a MN Proof of Training Certificate in addition to the WI certificate. Use the MN certificate to apply for both a MN permit and a FL permit. Both Minnesota and Florida require a shooting qualification for their permits. After the WI only students have left, we will cover MN carry law and FL carry law. Then we will go to the range. Bring your gun and 20 rounds of ammo. If you don't have a handgun, we will supply a gun and ammo free of charge. A range fee is not included and will be collected by the range before shooting. Note that MN requires an applicant to apply at any MN sheriff's office in person, not by mail. Application to FL is by mail. Option 3: Permit to Carry class – Minnesota and Florida only ($89) Choose this option if you already have your WI permit and just want to get a Minnesota or Florida permit. The only difference from Option 2 is that you will only receive a MN Proof of Training Certificate. You will not receive a WI certificate. We give you a price break of $89.


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